We have a Portfolio of exciting theme ideas

When we are asked to devise innovative themes, we love a challenge.

Christmas Wonderland.

The Ultimate Christmas Party. It’s 100% Christmas Fun and Atmosphere.

Christmas Visuals,

Christmas Decor including Up lighting and Room Pull up’s.

The Christmas Quiz during Dinner, and a massive Christmas party. Our Staff in Christmas theme costume. Or how about Our Excellent Ninetys Theme Night,

We Love the 90’s

With the fun and Sheer excitement of the 90’s,  The music is simply fantastic which means a full dance floor all night ! Powerful Visuals and Incredible Decor make this theme a massive hit.

To a fantastic Ska Theme.
A surprisingly cool and successful theme.

Because of our wide base of locally sourced suppliers we can produce any theme you can imagine.
If you can dream it, we can turn it into reality.